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A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

Welcome to website is dedicated to the Mitsubishi Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition, featuring one such car in particular. The site covers the specifications and modifications carried out on the car, a bit of history about how the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo was developed into being a WRC winner 4 years in a row, a gallery, where there are many photos and videos of my Evo at various venues and events, along with many other images and videos taken at the events.

So why did I buy an Evo? I previously owned a Golf VR6 Waiting in the pitlane at Goodwood for the track sessions to resume, after the parade for the Goodwood Sports and Supercar Day. which was getting a bit old, and basically wanted an upgrade to that. I used to see Evos around, and really liked the look of them. I was also aware of them from WRC coverage, so I decided to do some more research on them, then went about looking for one! I wanted one as new as possible, and the choice was a Satellite Silver Tommi or a Scotia White Tommi, so I went for the Silver one (not that keen on white, don't really know why). I could also have chosen from a 6 or a 7, but didn't know of any 6's for sale from new, and wasn't that keen on the looks of the 7 (just my opinion).

So once I decided on the Silver Tommi, I made my way to Bristol Mitsubishi for a test drive (once I'd convinced them that I wasn't just another test pilot!). Needless to say, I was Just about to overtake a GT40....honestly!!! convinced, and put a deposit down there and then (an ex-demo, under 1000 miles on the clock - not brand spanking new, but as close as I could get), and it all started from there.

It's an amazing car to drive - it takes corners like it's on rails! Yes - your granny could drive it, but the fact that the car does alot of the work is one of the things that appeals to me. I like the feeling of safety, while thrashing it about on the twisties (obviously under the speed limit, with caution at all times). Okay, the interior is cheap and plasticky - but I didn't buy it so I could sit and look at the insides! I love the exterior though - nice, aggressive looks - a definate head-turner (or is that the screeching brakes?).

Some of the comments I've overheard:

"Wow....what a car!" (6 year old)

"What kind of car is that?" (female to her male partner)

"How much was your back spoiler?" (10 year old leans out of a car next to me in traffic)

"Let me shake you hand Mr Mitsubishi, you're my idol..." (one of a bunch of drunk young lads - harmless enough)

The comments keep you amused if nothing else, and they help you to remember that you're driving a car that's just a little bit special - even if it's just kids and drunks that admire it!

I've been to quite a few events since becoming an enthusiast. Some of my haunts are Goodwood, Haynes, Croft, Castle Combe, Dunkeswell and Santa Pod. I've also attended a few rolling road days at G-Force, some of which are organised by the MLR.

It's easy to get carried away throwing your money at your car, but it becomes an addiction - My dad changing my tyres for me during a trackday at Goodwood ;o) although you do reap some rewards! It's an expensive hobby , but when you're tanning it round a track, over taking Ferraris and other super cars, you know that it's worth every penny (well almost). I'm not saying that the Evo is the best car in the world - but for under ?0,000, what else can you buy that would compare? (no - not a Subaru ;o) ).

An update of any additions to the website will be posted on the notice board on this page, to save you looking.

Have your say about the car or the website (or your own car), by signing the guestbook. We would love to hear from other Evo owners, or Japanese performance car owners - or anyone else, for that matter! Come on - don't be shy! (And thanks to everyone who has signed the guestbook so far)

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