I have given an outline on the modifications and specifications so far, and the rough order in which they were carried out. I have also included links to the relevant manufacturers and suppliers of each product, and a score for each item, based on my personal experiences with them.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition Bristol Mitsubishi 10/10 I bought a standard Tommi, because I wanted to be like my hero - Colin McRae...and also I wanted something faster than my Golf VR6. I needed to get a car that would help compensate for my lack of talent at driving :o\ 276 Bhp
Beltronics Euro 550 radar/laser detector Radar Express 7/10 Lets me know where the accident blackspots are - obviously! ---
Ralliart stainless steel door sills Bristol Mitsubishi 10/10 Better than the standard black plastic ones! ---
Ralliart floor mats Bristol Mitsubishi 8/10 To protect the tacky black Japanese interior. Pity the Ralliart logos come off after a bit of abuse. ---
Personalised "MY51 EVO" registration DVLA 10/10 It's MY EVO, and I want everyone to know it ;o) ---
Ralliart number plates Bristol Mitsubishi 10/10 To represent the fusion of rally and art. ---
Power Engineering brake duct kit Power Engineering 6/10 Did a drivers training day, and ended up with smoking brakes. I heard that Evos were heavy on the brakes, so decided to do something about it. ---
Black Diamond drilled/grooved front brake discs Power Engineering 6/10 Just a slight upgrade on the original ones. ---
Ferodo front/rear brake pads Power Engineering 6/10 Acceptable for road use, but nothing to write home about. ---
Origin Blue i GPS speed camera detector Power Engineering 8/10 I've not been arrested for speeding yet - a lot more useful than my old Beltronics one (although I didn't get arrested using it either - infact I've never been arrested, just to set the record straight!). ---
PIAA silicon front/rear wiper blades Co-ordSport Ltd 9/10 Super, smashing, great - they don't get full marks, as they don't remove the dead flies, but then what does? ---
Blitz SUS induction kit Funky Product 7/10 Makes a lovely sucky sound. ---
HKS SSQV dump valve Funky Product 8/10 Scares old people and cyclists. ---
Air duct from bumper intake to air filter Queripel Products
(ie. Homemade)
7/10 Making use of the air intake on the front bumper, found on Tommis, to get some extra lovely cold air where it's needed. ---
ARP connecting rod bolts Brighton Mitsubishi 7/10 Safety precaution, to help strengthen the engine against any possible future mods. ---
Walbro 255 l/h fuel pump Auto Performance Engineering 8/10 Needed to install this to allow power increase. ---
Goodridge stainless steel braided brake hoses Brighton Mitsubishi 7/10 To increase the feel of the brake pedal - makes it less spongy (supposedly). ---
Castrol SRF brake fluid Brighton Mitsubishi 9/10 I boiled the original brake fluid at Brands Hatch, and had an interesting 'moment' approaching Paddock Hill bend at a high rate of knots...with the brake pedal sinking to the floor, without much braking taking place. Never had any problems with Castrol. ---
Pagid RS-19 front & RS4-2 rear brake pads AS Performance 8/10 Screeches like a banshee - but they do work very well! ---
Bradi front brake discs AS Performance 7/10 Perfectly adequate replacement for the standard ones - haven't had any warping during my treks. ---
Hayward & Scott complete exhaust system, including turbo elbow Hayward & Scott 8/10 Nice and noisy - makes it difficult to pass the decibel test at Goodwood, though :o\ ---
Graham Goode clear rear light clusters Graham Goode 6/10 Were somehow stuck together with damaged fittings, when I received them, but a bit of DIY took care of that. Still not 100% on whether I like them or not - but hey ho! ---
Clear side indicators Norris Designs 8/10 Easy peasy to fit. Better than the bright orange standard ones - goes with the Satellite Silver better. ---
Ralliart Sports ECU MLR 7/10 Was a good improvement over standard. Plug and play performance boost. ---
Dawes Devices mechanical boost controller Dawes Devices 4/10 Didn't have the patience to set it up properly, as an electronic one came up at a decent price just after I had it fitted. ---
Do Luck automatic intercooler/radiator spray controller MLR 6/10 Never remembered to press the button, so got a controller to do the donkey work. ---
3 x 52mm DIN gauge pod Impossible Performance 7/10 Does what it says on the tin - but was a bit of a struggle installing it. ---
2 x 52mm A-pillar gauge pod MLR 7/10 The material it was made from stank, and the velcro supplied to attach it was completely pointless - so screwed it on - much better. Good position for viewing gauges, and they don't get in the way. ---
2mm Defi gauge exhaust gas temperature Funky Product 8/10 Seems accurate. ---
52mm Defi gauge oil temperature Funky Product 8/10 Seems accurate. ---
52mm Defi gauge oil pressure Funky Product 8/10 Seems accurate. ---
52mm Defi gauge boost pressure Funky Product 8/10 Seems accurate. ---
52mm LambdaLink gauge air/fuel mix B.R. Developments 6/10 Seems inaccurate and random, but has a nice array of flashy colours. ---
G-Force First trip to the rolling road -
Click HERE for graphical results
N/A The guys know what they're doing and everything went swimmingly. Made decent power, considering the boost contoller (the mechanical one) wasn't set up properly by myself. 338 Bhp
Ralliart sunstrip MLR 8/10 Further enhances the fusion of rally and art - also keeps the sun out of my eyes. Easy to stick on - just use warm water + soap, position sticker, get rid of bubbles with a credit card, get a hairdryer to fix it in place, and Bob's your uncle! ---
Apexi AVC-R electronic boost controller MLR 8/10 Much more appropriate for a Japanese car to have a fancy electronic gadget, with flashy lights. ---
G-Force Second trip to the rolling road -
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N/A Boost levels were much more healthy, and accordingly the power was a good bit higher. 351 Bhp
Skewer customised white face instrument panel dials Skewer 8/10 Customised to match the Defi gauges - but since they were fitted, the fuel gauge hasn't read properly - should be fixable. ---
Red Mitsubishi wheel centre caps logo Queripel Products
(ie. Homemade)
10/10 Homemade, so obviously perfect. ---
Red Mitsubishi rocker cover logo Queripel Products (ie. Homemade) 10/10 Was bored, and had left over paint. ---
Ralliart oil cap MLR 10/10 Helps the engine bay look tidier - purely aesthetic. ---
Ralliart radiator cap Power Engineering 10/10 Helps the engine bay look even tidier - purely aesthetic. ---
Philips Blue Vision UltraBlue 4000k headlight bulbs Power Bulbs 8/10 A lot better than the standard ones - a noticable difference. ---
Ralliart coolant thermostat Brighton Mitsubishi 8/10 Was experiencing high radiator temperature on track,and this was an effort to try and reduce it - seems to work (didn't make it hotter!). ---
Autronic mappable ECU with switchable ALS MLR 9/10 Yet another secondhand component, not that I'm a cheapskate or anything! This makes all the difference from the Ralliart ECU (although that was a good plug 'n play mod); the power delivery just seems so much smoother now, it's like a whole new car. ---
Sard adjustable fuel pressure regulator MLR 9/10 Goes hand in hand with the ECU, not sure it provides much performance benefit in and of itself, but if nothing else it adds a bit more colour to the engine bay. ---
Evo VII lightweight alloy flywheel M.A.Developments 9/10 Something that I wasn't entirely convinced by, but as I needed a new clutch and flywheel anyway I thought I'd give it a go (the standard items lasted 40,000 miles though, which is darn good for an Evo - guess I just wasn't driving it hard enough! I did finish them off blasting a Scooby at Santa Pod though, so at least they came to a fitting end ;o) ). The flywheel from the VII is of greater diameter, and so can handle more torque (or so the theory goes); the lighter weight allows the engine to rev more easily, which I was surprised to find is actually true, and makes an enormous difference. ---
Helix organic clutch M.A.Developments 8/10 I was toying with the idea of a paddle clutch, but heard enough scary stories of them not being very easy to drive or lasting very long in traffic (and who can avoid traffic these days?) to convince me that an organic was the way to go - and as my 40,000 miles on the standard item show, I'm not exactly into kamikaze launches. I can't fault the clutch so far - it is as easy to drive as the standard one, but hopefully a good bit stronger. ---
Scotts Automotive Ralliart mudflaps Scotts Automotive 6/10 I just like them! ---
Ralliart radiator brackets MLR 10/10 More tarting in the engine bay. ---
Origin b2 GPS/laser speed camera detector MLR 9/10 I am still evading arrest. Makes loud beepy noises. Very accurate and effective. ---
G-Force Third trip to the rolling road -
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N/A Wasn't quite the results expected! ;o) The more than probable cause of the bhp being lower than expected is that the mudflaps may be draining power ;o) Of course, the boost wasn't holding very well either, but I think the mudflap theory is more likely! Once I've had the mudflaps (and, okay, the boost controller too) tweaked a bit I'll be back to G-Force to spend some more money disappointing myself...watch this space! 345 Bhp
Uprated Oil Cooler MLR ?/10 The jury's still out on this one; I'm still trying to reduce the high temperatures I've seen on track, but until I actually get back on the track I won't know if this helps. It's quite a lot bigger than the standard one, though, so hopefully will make a difference. ---
G-Force Fourth trip to the rolling road -
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N/A Well, now we're back to where we were 2 rolling road days ago, only my wallet is 80 quid lighter. The ever-present boost (or lack thereof) is still plaguing us - looks like it's back to the AVC-R Engrish instruction manual... 351 Bhp

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